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Last week the Brexit: Is it worth it? campaign launched outside Parliament and the campaign bus started an 8 day tour of the country, from Dover to Glasgow. 

It has had excellent coverage – from Good Morning Britain, BBC News, Channel 4 News, Sky News, The Daily Politics Programme as well as regional, and overseas TV and radio and national and local prominent press.  Politicians from Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP and the Greens have appeared at our events as well as business people, NHS staff, students, and others.  We are working with 28 local groups, and by popular demand we have extended the tour for a further 3 days.

The original campaign cost just over £16,000. Now we want to follow up quickly with a social media advertising campaign, using highly targeted messages, in areas where there is a high density of wavering leavers and resigned remainers and where the bus campaign has had media attention. The messages will be designed to encourage people to ask 'is Brexit worth it?'  and to want a vote on the terms. The advertisements will all be branded “Is it worth it?”

There are two ways to donate to our campaign:

If you want to make a large donation go further and avoid us paying transaction fees, please contact Charles Seaford (